Thoughts He Changed

This page is dedicated to hearing YOUR story. The idea behind #ThoughtsHeChanged is that you make a video explaining one thought or thought process that Christ has changed in your life. The goal is threefold:

  1. For you to encourage yourself as you see the work that God has done in your life.
  2. To bring encouragement to others in seeing that God is at work in you.
  3. To encourage others to share their own story so that they are blessed and a blessing.

Here is my personal testimony that I shot early summer (June 2015) near the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC:

Here’s how you submit your own video:

1. Use a professional camera, laptop, or a phone to record your testimony. No matter the tool, your testimony via video is what matters! If by phone, make sure the phone is horizontal, so that it’ll be full screen when uploaded.

2. Send via to the email address

3. Include necessary info about yourself (i.e. social media links, and if you want, a short bio)

4. If you have your own YouTube channel, PLEASE upload it to yours as well, I want this to spread! Make sure to put the #ThoughtsHeChanged hashtag and Twitter handle “@_TORedemption” in the subject line when uploading!

To watch the featured posts for more examples, click here: