Letter To My Redeemer


letter_torDear Jesus,

As I sit here on the day known as Good Friday, I think of you. The phrase Thoughts Of Redemption has brought so much meaning to my life, and I’m grateful that you were central to the process of it coming about. Today is the day that takes every believer in You back to the day that you sought to do the Father’s will, filled with love towards those you were doing it for! From around noon to 3pm; when this is posted, you took on the sins of humanity, and paid for them with your life (Luke 23:44-46). As you looked towards the very creation that in the beginning God declared good, you said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). That means, the debt was paid, and the judgement that hangs over the head of humanity would no longer have power to those who would believe in what you’ve done!

Lord Jesus you are my redemption, and because of the price you paid, I can stand here and declare I’m righteous in the sight of the Father! It’s because of you, that when I mess up and see myself in an unfavorable way, that I can say I’ve been cleaned and set free. You paid for my sins with your life and my life belongs to you. So does my thinking. Thinking like you is to think with freedom, for you are perfect in all of your ways, and it is You who I truly strive to be like. The meaning of thinking thoughts of redemption is that there’s a responsibility to grow, progress, change, mature, and imitate You in the end. I’ve always been interested in the progression of thinking in individuals as well as myself. To know that you’re not only interested in this progression, but your plans include it as well, is an amazing thing that most may not realize.

God, I ask you to encourage everyone who takes a look at this letter, that it would cause them to think about what your death on the Cross has done for them. Show them how and why true freedom is found in trusting you. I even pray that your Holy Spirit, who knows your very mind, will enlarge their capacity to see your thoughts towards them which are infinite. Let them see that beyond religious ritual and practice is a love so relentless that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. You’ve redeemed us by your death on the cross, may our lives show off your redemption. By faith we have been made right with you instantly, yet you take us through a process where we change and are transformed to be like you. Show us what it means for you to take us through a sanctification of our mind. When we think, let it be influenced by what you’ve already done. As the symbol of the crown of thorns adorn the logo for this blog, let that be a symbol for them to put to death and submission their thinking to the obedience of you Jesus.

It’ll take an eternity to get to know you. Thank you, for your death gave us the gift of eternal life so we have the opportunity to. Thank you for thinking of me when you redeemed me. I will spend my life thinking of you. Thinking like you.

Eternally yours, Lamar Gibbs

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