Interview: Man Of Influence


On June 10th, I was interviewed on an online radio show by Kel and Drew, called NHISIMAGE Man, and the show was titled “Man Of Influence”.

I was asked by Diandra, the CEO of SpiritSoul Radio Network, after she saw a blog post of mine on Facebook. Grateful for the opportunity to do my first ever interview, and to share with the viewers the vision of Thoughts Of Redemption! Check it out below

Radio Network: SpiritSoul Radio Network [SPSN]
Interview Broadcasting: Blog Talk Radio
Featured Show: NHISIMAGE Man
Radio Hosts: Kel & Drew

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  1. Yo Lamar I am very, very proud of you sir & I KNOW GOD IS TOO!!! It is such a joy watching you grow into your ministry & God’s plan for your life.

    PS That song in the beginning is nice, but was maaad long!!!! Hahaha!😂

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