Thoughts He Changed


Thoughts Of Redemption presents #ThoughtsHeChanged, a new section dedicated to people expressing one thought/thought process that God has changed for them.

As the founder of, I give you the thought that God changed with me and it’s this:

“He changed my thinking of my personality being a liability to it being an asset”

Hope you’re blessed by it, I encourage you to do your own, and send it to Thoughts Of Redemption. Here’s how to do it:

1. Think of the thought/thought process God has changed for you.
2. Record your video, professional camera or cellphone both works. (For phone, do it the wide way for it to be full-screen)
3. Send the file through to email Include your name and the words ‘Thoughts He Changed’ in the subject line

Shot by Seb Young-
Cover by Sicily- @SicilyRwz
Logo Animation by Zee of Bezworks Design-
Animation Sound Design/Instrumentals by Double A HitMusic- @DoubleAHitMusic

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  1. Uploading files one by one to WeTransfer cloud is painful. Wonder if it is safe from NSA or other snoopers. Binfer looks like a better option. More about direct file sharing


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