Where Is The Love, And Why Do We Miss It?

Where Is The Love_thoughtsofredemptionThe Black Eyed Peas recently released the remake to their widely acclaimed song “Where Is The Love?”, a song that addresses many problems the world is going through. It is a heartfelt song, because there are many times that we ourselves ask this question whenever we see the evil that’s around us. This song has had a huge effect, and that just reflects the desire in our hearts to want to see things get better. The song sounds beautiful and the images of destruction and violence are heart-wrenching, but as I continued to listen, I felt really stirred and frustrated in my spirit as I listened.

You may be surprised to read that last sentence, but it really fired me up inside because of what I know, what I’ve learned, and what I see about the world. This is not the view of a cynic, but a realistic view of what God has revealed about this world. Am I saying that Christians are the only ones who can see what’s wrong in the world, and are the only ones who can speak out against it? Absolutely not! I applaud the desire of those who want to see change in our world, it’s what I pray for and live for. However; without an understanding of the issues that brought us here, we will constantly be groping about in darkness, and never see where we need to go.

In this remake many guest artists joined them; a who’s who of artists and celebrities like Usher, Mary J Blige, Wiz Khalifa, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Kendall Jenner, Justin Timberlake, and much more. The irony is that the majority of the people involved in this remake currently produce destructive content in their music and through their celebrity status. It hurts because there is no way I’d question their desire to see the world a better place, but the fruit shows that they’re part of the problem. There is often a disconnect between changing the world and the sacrifice and death to self that must take place for that to happen.

Even more than what we can do by our own works, there is a law of sin and death that runs through humanity, so that what we desire to do, we won’t do as much as the stuff we don’t want to do. Paul talked about this in Romans 7. Romans_715Some of us feel that we are in complete control and it’s up to us to change this world and make it completely good. Our desire to do this competes against what God, who is love, has shown us about humanity’s condition. The problem goes even deeper than our inability to do good, because God has shown us our desire to do bad too! Jesus said we love the darkness even when we see the light. John_319Love was the reason Jesus came to save us from ourselves and transform us into a new creation in Him. But this love has constantly been rejected, and while this song did address the problems of hatred, discrimination, war, and murder, there is no solution that’ll ultimately change the way we are if it doesn’t include surrender to Christ. The existence of countless religions and spiritual practices are a result of human differences and complete rejection of God the Father. The same Father the Black Eyed Peas called on in the song. Love produces unity, but it also proclaims the truth, and we have always fought against the truth because it’s in our nature. It’ll take more than a change of actions from bad to good, but us being brought to life from the death within us, which only comes through Christ who is the resurrection and the life.

Do not use this outlook as a way to be pessimistic or cynical, but let it bring you to a place where you see your need for forgiveness and reconciliation to God.  We as Christians shouldn’t use this as an excuse not to lift a hand and work with those who don’t agree with us to make a difference either. Christians aren’t the only people who want to help others, but the word of God grants us the truest perspective and expectations that we have.

The love of God is constantly being shown on the earth, despite all the hell we see! God encourages His church to not be weary of doing good, because He knows that the evil in this earth can make us tired. But the goodness and mercy of God endures forever, and the restoration of all things is a promise, not just a request or plea. It is our confident hope. Let that hope and truth in Christ breathe new life in you and show the world that love is already here and He will return soon.

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