Thoughts He Changed: One Year Later

thoughtshechanged_oneyearMan… A year goes by so fast! I remember the moment when God impressed this idea on my heart, and how He brought so many things together to make this happen! #ThoughtsHeChanged is the fruit of the idea of Thoughts Of Redemption, where God is interested and invested in transforming your thoughts.

It’s one thing to accept that one has to change their life as a Christian, but it’s another thing to accept the fact that God is actively involved in your thought life. It may even be scary for some of you reading this. You may have thoughts about someone or something that is not even CLOSE to being godly, and you don’t want anyone to know what you’re thinking. However, God is such a good Father that He sees what you’re thinking and doesn’t disown you, instead He calls you to surrender those thoughts to Him and constantly be changed. This is what He’s GOOD at!

This is the heart behind Thoughts He Changed. The chance for you to testify publicly the work that God has done with you mentally. I envisioned many people submitting in their videos, with a testimony of whatever thought or thought process God changed in your own life. God has done a work in my own life, and I shot my own video near the Brooklyn Bridge with NYC as the backdrop!

It was officially launched on October 7th. This may be your first time seeing this on Thoughts Of Redemption, but it has always been on here if you check out the drop-down menu. I’ll post the info on how to submit your own video, as well as the links to special guests I featured when this debuted on here last year!

Oh yeah… Look out for specific featured videos in the future as I continue to share this vision!

Here’s how you submit your own video:

1. Use a professional camera or a phone to record your testimony. If by phone, make sure the phone is horizontal, so that it’ll be full screen when uploaded.

2. Send your video via Dropbox or to the email address

3. Include necessary info about yourself (i.e. Social media links, a short bio, etc.)

4. If you have your own YouTube channel, PLEASE upload it to yours as well, I want this to spread! Put the #ThoughtsHeChanged hashtag in the subject line of your upload!

Featured Thoughts He Changed


Submitted videos from you! 

Your Thoughts He Changed

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