Thanksgiving: The Impact Of Gratefulness

thanksgiving-the-impact-of-gratefulnessI love that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving! I’m known to have a love for food, and even though I look forward to it, the food isn’t the main reason I love it. I look forward to Thanksgiving because out of all of the holidays we celebrate in America, this holiday brings the importance of having a grateful heart to the forefront.

The history of the Thanksgiving holiday originates from a feast that celebrated God’s provision throughout the year, held around the harvest season. There’s also the unfortunate attachment of the conquering of  Native American tribes by the Europeans that brings us face to face with the brutality of men, who professed to live for God, while terrorizing the way that they did. History is filled with such contrasting actions unfortunately. I think everyone should remember that part of Thanksgiving history, even if we’re uncomfortable with it, so that our outlook is always balanced.

Although there were evil moments, I’m grateful that Christians saw thankfulness as something that we can set apart with a holiday, because it truly makes an incredible impact on how we live life. It’s even God’s will that we live a thankful and grateful life. It gives us the time to reflect and remember the faithfulness of a good and glorious God, as well as the people He’s graciously surrounded us with. 1-thessalonians-5-18As I sit and think about this year, I’m so thankful. My brothers and I experienced a trip to Guyana for the first time in our lives, and made a deeper connection with our aunt, uncle, grandfather, and cousins. My aunt and uncle also came to New York to spend time with us as well! As a writer, I experienced growth in ways I never would’ve imagined, especially with my start as a contributor to

God has given me a greater sense of vision and direction in my life, and while the challenge of sticking with it is before me, I’m so thankful for a level of clarity that I didn’t have last year. I’m grateful I had the chance to head to Chicago for the Legacy Conference, which I’ve always wanted to go to, where I got to see the legendary Cross Movement perform as well as accept a tribute for their ministry.

The provision available for my life has been awesome as well, with me being able to purchase my own car! I’ve always shared a car with my twin, which worked out great, but to have my own car is such a blessing! I’m also thankful for the comfort He provides in sad times.

I lost both of my grandmothers this year, a month apart, and I wrote about both of them this year on this blog. I didn’t have a close relationship with them, but it still affected my family and I when they passed. In the midst of how sad it made us feel, and the way this made us think about our relationships in life, God was always present.

This year has been hard on everyone reading this in one way or another. Yet this year has also been another testimony of the faithfulness of God. I’m so thankful for His faithfulness, and I’m so encouraged when I take the time to reflect and give Him thanks. Practice giving thanks every day of your life. The impact is greater than you can imagine.

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