What is the Nature and Power of the Anointing?

Anointing_torThe talk about the anointing is a common one in many churches, and you probably have come across it sometime in your life. For example; when ministers and musicians are said to be anointed, it’s used to describe how gifted the individual is, as well as how blessed someone was with their gift.

But we often miss the true nature and power of the anointing when we only consider that people are anointed because they’re gifted, and we’re blessed by their ministry. When God would anoint people, it was His blessing towards them for a specific task or protection, and that the Holy Spirit would empower them.For example, David was anointed to be the King of Israel by the prophet Samuel. Another example is the entire nation of Israel, and they were called anointed ones, and God Himself declared that no other nation should touch them.wp-1490898666159.jpgThis is what is meant in Psalms 105:15, when it says “touch not my anointed,” because Israel was His chosen nation. This verse is usually used incorrectly by many believers to say that we shouldn’t say anything about a minister, when that is not true.

The anointing sets individuals apart for a specific reason, and isn’t meant to be a description of how gifted a preacher or musician is in the church. In 1 John 2:20, the apostle John describes the anointing that has been poured out on all believers.This verse is an encouragement to believers that the Holy Spirit has anointed them, and this anointing is the reason why they’re able to continue in the truth instead of what’s false. This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t use people in a unique and powerful way, but when you understand the biblical meaning of the anointing, it helps you appreciate how anointed you are because God gave you His Spirit to walk with you.

Jesus went to great lengths to make sure that we were secure in Him. The anointing has set us apart as saints, and we can rest in an assurance that God has empowered us all to know Him fully and truly.

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