The Value of Frustration Against Unbelief

frustrationvalue_torUsually frustration is a negative sign in my life, whether it comes from unmet expectations, or it comes from a bad attitude. Most of the time it results in complaining, and if you remember a recent post of mine, it’s a bad idea –> “Complaining Is The Thief That Must Be Stopped.”

However, there is one particular way that frustration is necessary for us, and I believe it serves as an indicator of our spiritual health. This kind of frustration was expressed by Jesus Himself; after He came down from the mountain, where he was praying and His glory was revealed to Peter, James, and John. There was a child that needed deliverance from a demonic spirit and the disciples couldn’t cast the spirit out of him, and as a result, Jesus cried out against unbelief and evil around Him and how long He would have to deal with it.Luke9_torJesus always showed compassion and love to the sick and oppressed, yet when this happened, He immediately cried out in frustration. I believe that when we pursue God authentically, and we’re sensitive to the will of God, the contrast will be intense for us.

We shouldn’t be comfortable around unbelief and rebellion. Jesus was committed to a faithful life before the Father, and as a result, never felt comfortable around unbelief. When we walk with Christ, our hearts should open up to the needs of others, so that our love and compassion never wavers, and we never look down on others who live differently. Yet we should also be sensitive to the holiness of God and long for Him to restore this world the way it was intended to be.

The condition of this world and the ways of unbelievers should never become normal to us. We should have a longing desire for the end of sin in our world. I really believe that there are times where it is appropriate to be frustrated with sinners, and their unbelief, that doesn’t come from an arrogant or prideful place.

This kind of frustration comes as a result of the awareness that you are now a citizen of another kingdom, and reminds you that the way things are now won’t always be.

Have you ever felt yourself getting too comfortable with the way things are in this world? Does unbelief and rebellion frustrate you? If it does, do you think it comes from an arrogant place, or from a godly desire for the life to come? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I mean, the word ‘thoughts’ is the first word in the name for this blog😉.

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