Have you Ignored the Impact of your Speech?


Jesus says in Matthew 12:34, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” We’ve all had moments where what we said was directly connected with how we really felt on the inside, and sometimes we wish we never said it. But there’s also a way our thoughts and feelings we have in our hearts is influenced, which starts with what we say.

Our speech is really powerful, and it truly influences how we see ourselves, our circumstances, and others. I believe some Christians go too far and talk about speaking things into existence, which only God can do, but the reason people identify with that doctrine is because it contains some truth about the power of our words.

The way you talk can either expose you to better ways of thinking, or hinder you with toxic ways of thinking. The way you talk influences how you think, and how you think changes based on the way you talk, it’s a cycle that is constant in our life.

The one verse that highlights this for me is Proverbs 18:21, and it speaks about the power of the tongue.


I encourage you to take some time and examine the way you’ve been talking to yourself today. Think about how you speak to others, as well as how you talk about others. Are there patterns that you need to change? What about the people you’re around who say things that you pick up? This doesn’t just apply to you either, this is something I’ve had to take note of as well.

For whatever reason, there are times that I pick up words and say them without thinking. For example, if I make a mistake, I’d say, “Come on, stop being dumb!” After I say it, I immediately reject what I’ve said and correct it. It has helped me to change what I say even in something so small. If I didn’t attack this speech when it was small, it can influence me negatively as small moments add up

There are more examples that I can list, both positive and negative, but my hope is that we pay more attention to what we say. What we say impacts us more than we think. Leave a comment below, what are some of the things you say that have impacted you? I’d love to hear from you.

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