Thoughts He Changed: Sex and Abstinence

Excited to be back with another powerful testimony of God’s work in someone’s thought life! This one was a bit delayed, because my plan was to have a “Writer” edition of this series altogether, but the schedules didn’t afford me and the people involved to do it that way. As a creative, I understand the obligations that come up as a writer, so we’re gonna roll with the punches here!

As I get the other videos in this edition, I will release them to you. For the first writer in this edition, I introduce to you Lashawn Washington!

Last year, she released a book titled Overcoming Sexuality in a Oversexualized World, an account of how God transformed her life and view of sex and sexuality. So naturally, in this video, she recounts how God changed her thoughts about this. Watch her video below, and support her by purchasing her book!

Bio: Shawn Faith Washington is a author, preacher and Ph.d. Student at The University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Book: Overcoming Sexuality in an Oversexualized World: A Journey of Abstinence, Rededication, and Freedom through the Love of Jesus Christ

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