The truth about our words and their power

Have you noticed how often we’re encouraged to “speak things into existence” when it comes to our circumstances, and wondered where it came from?

It’s popular, whether from the Law of Attraction or other places, to say that we must speak things into existence because of the creative powers of our words. Christians have used the Bible as confirmation that we should do this too. It goes by the terms positive confession as well as decreeing and declaring. What makes it so attractive is there are truths in them that we must take heed of.

Romans 4:17 NKJV

Those true statements would be that there is power in our words, and that they create the environment we live in. However, we go further towards the extreme and say we can speak and things will come into existence. It’s taken to the extreme because it uses a specific verse out of context as a reason for us doing this.

Paul in Romans 4:12 said God “calls those things which do not exist, as though they did,” which is used to say that we can do the same things with our words as well. Not only is this verse taken out of context, but we diminish the truth of what God did when we focus on us trying to “speak things into existence.”

God made a promise

When speaking those things that didn’t exist as if they did, God called Abraham the “father of nations,” and it was because of his faith that our faith in Christ is based on the Father’s promise instead of the law given to Moses.

When God spoke to Abraham, and called him the father of nations, at the time he didn’t have any kids! The nations God was referring to didn’t exist, but God spoke of it as if they already did. This reveals the strength of our faith, and we find security in knowing that faith in Christ is built on God’s promise instead of our ability to live by the law perfectly.

Unfortunately we miss this when we apply it to ourselves. This may not be our intention but that is the consequence of our actions. Like I mentioned before, it contains valuable truths for us. Here’s a list of those things :

  1. Proverbs says that life and death is in the power of the tongue, and those who love of it will eat of it’s fruit. Your words will impact you, and what you allow in your ears and accept will bear fruit, both good and bad.
  2. We are made in God’s image, therefore we were created with the ability to use words to impact our world. It goes beyond personal wants and needs, and it impacts entire generations.
  3. God intends for us to use what we speak as a guide towards being disciplined and to align with His word.

We’re all naturally inclined towards self-centered thinking and that is what “speaking it into existence” encourages us to do. Can you remember the last time you’ve heard someone use that phrase and give God praise for speaking things into existence?

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard it, even though He’s the only one that can do this. In addition, many who don’t believe in God use it, mainly because of the Law of Attraction and other thought systems that talk like this. I believe God is honored when we focus on how He did this, and no longer encourage each other to do it, since we can’t.

Instead of us trying to speak things into existence, let us watch the words that we speak out of our mouths regularly, to discern whether they communicate life or death. I myself review the words that I say daily, and they’re not always good. But when they are, I feel more alive and I grow.

I’m pushing forward in speaking life, and I encourage you to do the same with me! Let’s grow together.

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