Five theology words that will bless your life

For many of us, theology is a bad word that we would rather avoid dealing with. “Just give me Jesus, I don’t need all the theology, and theological debates!” I totally understand. However, there’s a difference between fruitless debate and growing in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

I watched a video by Allen Parr of The Beat on YouTube, and he shared five theological terms Christians should know, and I loved it! I’m excited to share this video with you. Getting to know God and understand what He’s done plays a big role in the love that we have for Him.

I won’t talk too much more, take a look at the video below! Thoughts Of Redemption exists to encourage, inspire, and challenge your thinking, and it’s my hope that this video does all three. Check it out!

What is one thing you’ve taken away from this video? Does it help you see Christ in a greater light? Let’s talk in the comments!

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