Jesus and the disciples He seeks

Reading Mark chapters 1 and 2 where Jesus calls His disciples to follow Him really stood out to me this morning. I immediately started pondering on what it felt like to be called by Rabbi Jesus, and being called from the places that Jesus called them from.

Some were fishermen, one was a tax collector, another was even a zealot. I wonder what it felt like when Jesus walked next to the boats. Were the fishermen surprised when Jesus walked up to them and called them? They were familiar with the religious leaders in Jerusalem, enough to know that rabbis from that central city would never think to accept students aka disciples from their professional background.

The disciples usually chose the rabbi they would learn from, already having a desire to learn the Scriptures. Jesus went to an area where people didn’t really care for the study of Scripture, they had a fishing business to run. The tax collectors had taxes to collect, as they took a little extra from their fellow Jews to keep that money for themselves.

What did Jesus look like, as He walked around with these men, who had fiery personalities, and a deficient understanding of the kind of rabbi they were following. It took them some time to realize that He is the Rabbi of rabbis, the one the prophets spoke of as Messiah, the salvation of their souls. There were teachings that He taught them that took some time for them to grasp. Even when He healed others in front of them, there were times that they didn’t get it.

What did Jesus see in them to call them as His disciples. I don’t think He saw anything that would give Him the impression to call on them, He sought after them. That is the most amazing part of this. He went after them.

It makes me think of my own pursuit of God’s will. I’ve been swayed into levels of comfort that don’t match the intensity of God’s call on my life as His disciple. Jesus spent three years with people that didn’t grow up as He did. He was never a fisherman or a tax collector by trade, so He never ran in those circles. Yet He surrounded Himself with those kind of people in order to teach them and love them.

What does that look like in my life? How do I love on those who’s lifestyle I don’t agree with? These are questions that I want to leave here as I ponder them myself. Would also love to hear what you think as well!

What does that look like in your life? How have you seen that play out in your life?

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