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I wanted to share with you all what has happened in my life lately. A new website went live on December 15th called Grow The Heck Up and is the reason for the title of this blog piece. This startup has been coined “WorldStar meets VladTV for Christians” by Christian rapper, technology self-starter, and site founder Lavoisier. I’m proud to announce that I am apart of Grow The Heck Up as a contributor!

From the moment I was asked to join in and contribute, I saw the strides made in bringing this site to fruition, as well as the ambition present in its creator. I also noticed how much of a light it shined on my own life and led me in doing alot more self-examination.

If you know me well, I’m open about my struggles with procrastination. I think we all know certain times where we put stuff off to do in life, but I feel that happens more than necessary with me 😒 haha! Whoever is reading this and deals with procrastination knows the moments where people talk about setting goals, sticking to them, and all of that being true and valuable information. Yet…days turn into weeks, and when you hear that talk about goals from someone again, you go, “Yeah..I need to do that!” LOL!

I saw the value of goals & ambition in action, as GTHU was developed behind the scenes. My Pastor Dr. AR Bernard always says, “Specificity is the basis for cooperation” and I’ve personally witnessed this the past few months! When you’re specific about what you’re doing, it can draw others into it. So, seeing this watered the seeds for growth. Growth in setting goals for progress in my life and with Thoughts Of Redemption. Another thing that caught my attention is the growth that’s needed in terms of my own gifting and this blog.

As a writer, I’ve been on the receiving end of compliments, and as I embrace this gift even more I see the fruit. Joining the GTHU team, I’m more aware of certain bad habits I personally have as a writer. I didn’t come to this discovery on my own however, for fellow team member Crystal Olsen of The Classy Lady Ministry, is a highly qualified editor who opened my eyes to the things I overlook. Even as I write this piece, I have her helpful critiques in mind as I write, and I’m OK with admitting that even this piece probably could be better if examined closely. Thank God for His grace y’all LOL!


Image By @churchoflaugh

Joining this team, I didn’t realize how much the term ‘grow the heck up’ would end up showing itself as necessary for my life in these areas. Sometimes God will use completely random ideas, circumstances, etc to show you things about yourself that needs changing. Even though the phrase is based on 1 Corinthians 13:11 in putting away childish things, it was also able to shine a light on different areas that I need to grow in personally. Just because I’m great at some things doesn’t take away my need for growth in other things.

What are things in your life that you see needs change? How many times have you said, “Yeah, I need to change that” until it actually changed? How many of us are scared at what it will take to bring that change? Take a moment, especially since this year is almost over, and think about the things that hinder your success and what you need to pay attention to. Don’t be discouraged if your habits are bad and hinder you, but take it to God and get excited! Be aware that He’ll do whatever it takes to bring you where you’re supposed to be, and His grace is sufficient in the process.


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  1. Very true, Lamar. I think we all can have those tendencies and it’s nice that you can be open about receiving critique, it will help you, it will help all of us to be better. Have a Merry Christmas!

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