Currents Of The Mind: My Thoughts In Progress

Currents Of The Mind 2

I’ve had an idea for some time, to make an informal series where I just speak about what’s currently on my mind. I’ve grown to love and appreciate this random aspect of blogging!  I’ve always been one to prepare what I want to write about (is that why people say I’ll be a preacher? *sighs* Lol!), but to just express where I’m currently at is different for me.

One of the core ideas of Thoughts Of Redemption is knowing the difference between a Christian’s thinking, and Christ-like thinking, having that picture of our thoughts constantly progressing in life. It can be big things like our view of God, to mundane things in life, like how we talk to one another.

What’s currently on my mind right now is how I approach my blog. The word that comes to mind when I think of my approach is ‘hobby’. I’m so passionate about my blog; but the time that I spend making future plans, staying on schedule, and sitting on ideas, makes it look like something I do on the side. My current goal is to switch how I mentally approach my blog. No longer as a hobby, but as a super important part of my life, in the same way I speak of it.

I’ve done a lot since I launched this in August 2014, yet I’m still an amateur when you think of it. This isn’t me putting myself down, it’s me being aware of the need for growth, something I’ve been aware of since I joined the Grow The Heck Up team as a contributor.

Another thing that’s been on my mind is for me to keep in mind the need to serve. It can be easy for us creatives; whether writers, bloggers, artists, and more, to be so involved with our creations that the focus on others around us diminishes. I’m proud of my work, and I’m so happy that others are touched by it, but it’s important to not have tunnel vision with it.

Caring for your friends and family, checking up on them, encouraging them in their walk with God, are some of the many things to keep in mind. So, in one sense, I need to give more importance to my blog, yet also keep the right perspective on its importance. Balance is the key to life as Dr. AR Bernard says, so it’ll be great to see how God moves in my life and I commit to doing what needs to be done as well. I ask that you pray for me too, and if you need prayer, let me know and I’ll pray for you too!

What are you currently thinking about? What are some things God has brought to your attention?

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  1. Thanks for letting us in on your most current thoughts. I touch & agree on your prayers. I too need prayer regarding how my desires to fulfill certain things needs a level of drive & diligence that matches up to what God has called me to want or allowed me to want. Some are similar to yours, like improvements in how I reach out to others on a personal level. Thanks in advance for your prayers & again for your truth.

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