Unspoken Feelings Of A Gentleman Tour Recap

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On Friday May 9th, I attended the last stop of Pierre Alex Geanty’s book tour for his book Unspoken Feelings Of A Gentleman — in downtown Brooklyn. I’ve been looking forward to meeting this brother, and hearing his heart concerning the book, ever since I found out he was coming to New York.

I’ve had this book since last year, and when I read it, so many things he stated resonated with me. It’s sad to know the negative kinds of ideas and mindsets that men in our society are influenced by. We learn these negative things from our experiences, as well as from the generation before us, who learned it from the generation before theirs.


It was powerful to read his reflections on the experiences that shaped his thinking in the past, and then read how much Christ was invested in making a change in his entire life. There was a huge shift from what he learned growing up, and what God has shown him since then.

Since I’ve read the book, I had a general idea of the things that would be covered concerning it. However, at the event, there were some precious gems (or in the words of DJ Khaled, major keys) that I got that night. These came during the 60 minute portion, where he spoke about the book, and shared his heart overall. I’ll list some of the things that I wrote down below, which were very powerful:

  1. We give respect only when we get it. That’s not giving, that’s borrowing. It cheapens the idea of respect.
  2. Sex may be a product of love, but love can never be a product of sex.
  3. A father’s absence in the life of his child would still be an example in his child’s life. A negative one.
  4. Men try to rise up to manhood because of a woman they desire. Manhood must take place independent of that.
  5. We equate love with happiness, so when the unhappy times come, we flee.

That first gem is the one that stuck out to me the most, because we can get so used to the “Give if you give to me” mentality, that we lose sight of the way things were meant to be. In the age of social media, memes convey this toxic kind of thinking often. A meme would say, “Respect is not given, it’s earned” for example. We can become people who are unknowingly selfish if we continue to live that way.

This also shows up in our treatment of women. If a woman disrespects herself, we respond to the level of her presentation. True manhood would treat a woman with the value she inherently has whether or not she represents that value outwardly. This plays into the 4th point I mentioned concerning rising up as a man. We should display manhood towards a woman, regardless of our attraction to her, because that’s how a woman should be treated in the first place.

Even though there wasn’t a huge crowd, it was great to have a man speak on manhood. It’s rare to have these things, and also not speak against the men in the room, but TO them. It certainly made a difference. After the 60 minute portion, there was a Q & A portion, which was very eye-opening as well. I say that because this wasn’t a ‘Christian’ event, and there were a few perspectives given that I don’t subscribe to, but I was grateful that people from different backgrounds and beliefs were there that night.

This book impacted me, and whenever I see comments on his social media pages, they show that it impacts many others also. As the creator of Thoughts Of Redemption, the purpose of Pierre’s book expresses the main purpose that I communicate through this blog. The purpose that God is invested in transforming the way you think about everything, to think more like Christ, and be challenged in your thinking along the way. It’s great to see someone’s thoughts concerning manhood transformed, with an impact on a large amount of people. I can only imagine and pray for the way your life will change as Christ continues to change your thinking as much as He changed your life.


You can order his book, and find out more info on GentlemenHood.com

A few pics from the event:

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