Motherhood: The Strength and Grace of God

motherhood_torAs a man, there’s nothing I can do to experience being a woman. Even with the push to make manhood and womanhood a spectrum when talking about gender, the reality of how God made us male and female is etched on our conscience, nature, and image. We can’t ignore or disregard this, since we’re made in His image. Being a woman is incredibly unique, and there are things women deal with physically, mentally, and emotionally that a man never has to deal with. What’s even more unique about a woman is the opportunity and ability to experience motherhood.

Being a mother is so unique and beyond the grasp of manhood, for so many reasons, while still complementing the beauty of fatherhood. For example, the development process of men from zygote to birth doesn’t happen in men, because they don’t have wombs, but women do. Men don’t even have to physically deal with the development process once the woman is pregnant. When I think about this, I can’t hesitate to give honor to women because of it. I even think about what happens when the woman is by herself, whether because the father is willingly absent or tragically passed away. As essential as a father is in raising a child, I give honor to all of the mothers that are raising up children on their own. It’s not easy.

God has intentionally designed motherhood to be a display of His strength and grace to their children. The grace of God is woven throughout the pregnancy, and in the relationship the mother has with her child. His strength is displayed in a mother’s persistence, endurance, passion, and consistency. Everybody loves the moments where the babies look amazing on social media and in public. They don’t get to see the struggles, tears, the cries of the child, how a house is made into a home, the transition from nurturing to mentoring as they grow up, and so much more.

I’ve never taken the opportunity to publish a blog piece on Mother’s Day, but I’m grateful for the privilege I have today, to celebrate motherhood! I’m also grateful that I can celebrate my own mother within this post. Mom, I celebrate you for everything that you are, and all that you do. I am amazed at your steadfast faith in Christ, and how you were instrumental in some of the biggest moments of my life. From praying over us in ICU, to fighting against the education system that wanted me to be placed in special ed, to raising me up in the ways of Christ. You raised me with my amazing father in such a way that I knew I had to cherish Jesus for my own, and there are many that don’t have such a life-giving environment. You are truly a demonstration of God’s strength and grace, and I love you!

I want to leave a special note for anyone who reads this, and struggle under the heavy weight of grief and loss concerning your mother. There isn’t anything I can say that’ll remove it, but I hold you in my thoughts, and I pray that the Lord graciously comforts you in the midst of your pain. Cherish the memories, and continue to honor her with your life. Remember the other women around you who were mother figures, or spiritual mothers to you as well, and be encouraged.

For those who have their mothers, but the relationship isn’t good, I pray for you also. I pray that you are able to see the grace and strength of God through your mother before either one of you leave this earth. That restoration takes place, and what God intended for you and your mother’s relationship would be experienced. If you need to forgive her, please don’t hold on to unforgiveness, and rest in the Lord. Then speak to her. If she is not willing, for whatever reason, don’t bring it on yourself. Again, rest in the Lord.

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