Words from my Heart, with Love, after Mother’s Day

I know that Mother’s day was yesterday, on Sunday, and I pray that it was a blessed one for you and yours. My own mother is currently out of the country, and I can’t wait to celebrate her once she returns!

Since my own mother was away yesterday, it gave me more time to think on a few things throughout the day, and I want to share my thoughts with you today.

I began to think more deeply after serving the youth in my church’s youth ministry, where God moved on all of our hearts. The Holy Spirit encouraged and comforted those with estranged relationships with their mothers, and the message about our mothers needing love was a needed one too.

Not all of us have positive relationships with our moms, and my heart goes out to all who are affected by this reality in their lives. Beyond the relationships with our moms, some of us may have lost our moms recently, even my mom and dad lost their own mothers two years ago. It can be disquieting to know that my mother won’t be here forever. So I cherish all the moments I have with her, along with my father.

Even if your mother is still with you, she may be in the hospital or incapacitated, and you never imagined being in this place. Or you may be a mother who lost her child(ren) and are struggling to cope with this loss.

There are countless family situations that affect us in unique ways whenever parental holidays like Mother’s and Father’s day come up, and while I don’t have the space to speak to all of those dynamics, I want to speak to the ones that were on my heart since Sunday. Below are some thoughts of mine:

To all of the women who have taken the calling of motherhood, and loved the fruit of your womb, I honor you. For your sacrifice, your dedication, your kindness, and your investment to your children. Even as you raise your children, you yourself are learning and growing along the way, and there’s so much outside pressure on top of that. Thank you for giving of yourself to serve your little ones.

To every woman who has chosen to take on the role of mothering a child that was not your own, I’m humbled by your desire to serve in a way you didn’t plan for. I struggle personally with that kind of sacrifice, and I’ve been praying that God cultivates a heart of sacrifice that you decided to display. To be more like Christ challenges us more than we think and are willing many times, but His grace truly is sufficient.

To every child who has struggled in their relationship with their mother, I pray for you. If it’s because of things she’s done, I ask that God give you the grace to forgive and love her like Jesus. That God brings restoration and peace between you and her. If it’s because of your actions, I pray that God reminds you of His redemption, and that you can repent and make amends, so that restoration takes place.

To every mother who has struggled with their relationship with their child(ren), I pray that you do not struggle under the weight of condemnation, wrestling with the regret of bad decisions, or helplessness regarding your child(ren)’s choices in life. God hears the fervent prayers of the righteous, and is fully capable of drawing your child(ren) back to a restored relationship with Him, as well as with you.

To every child who has a mom that’s sick, incapacitated, nearing the end of her life, or is already gone, I pray that the God of all comfort strengthens and comforts you greatly. That you remember His love is forever present, and He is still doing exceedingly, abundantly, and above all you can ask, think, or imagine. I also pray you experience all that God has for you

To every mother who has lost a child they were ready to welcome into this world, I want you to always remember that Mother’s day is for you too. This is not what you thought would happen, and it’s something many of us simply can’t comprehend, so I won’t try to. Even for those mothers who saw their child pass on before they did, the hurt isn’t any easier, and my love goes out to you. But I hope that you know Christ will never leave nor forsake you, and your children are still dear to Him. May God continue to strengthen you as you persevere through the weight of your loss, and His comfort encourages your soul.

God bless every mother who reads this piece, may you receive it in the love with which I write it. I also pray that God would fill your heart with His love and kindness, grace be unto you.

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