Thoughts He Changed: Mental Health & Therapy


Today is a special day. It is the 3rd year anniversary of Thoughts Of Redemption! I wanted to release something special on this day, and decided to feature a special guest on my Thoughts He Changed series. Everyone I choose is special of course, but this one is particularly special because of the thought God changed in the life of my guest.

About a year or two ago, God revealed that the title of this blog is meant to touch on the reality and issues of mental health. When I started this blog, this was the absolute furthest from my mind, yet it isn’t far from God’s mind and heart.

God changes the way that we think, and He also transforms and restores our mental health. This is an often misunderstood topic in the church, and I’m grateful to have my guest Charletta Rozzell speak on this and how God changed her thoughts on this as well.

Charletta is an actor, artist, and a mental health counselor who graduated with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. She is most known for her involvement with the Church of Laugh comedy group. Here’s the video below:

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