Thoughts Of Redemption: Three Thoughtful Years

TOR_threeAs I sit here and write this post, and reflect on what has taken place within the last three years concerning this blog, it really amazes me. Throughout these years, this platform continues to grow beyond what I could’ve imagined. If there is one thing I want you to walk away with after reading this post, it would be this one thought.

Thoughts Of Redemption is a result of the grace of God.

I’ve never made this story public until now, but the name of this blog was a clear demonstration of His grace in action. A lot of times when we want God to speak to us, and lead us in doing what we are purposed to do, we think that it’ll be in the most demonstrable way possible. However, it usually occurs in a subtle yet unmistakable way. After I was convinced by family and friends to start a blog, I got a pen and paper, and prepared to jot down some names that came to mind. Before I started brainstorming, I prayed that God would move in the midst of this project, and that the name would have an impact that was beyond what I could see. I’m paraphrasing of course, but that was the heart of my prayer.

Then I went the most logical route and thought about the overarching passion that came through my writings in the past. The one thing that kept coming up was my passion for the process of thought, and how God changes our way of thinking in all areas of life, as we build our relationship with Him. After thinking of being redeemed by Christ and incorporating thoughts into the phrase, I simply wrote the phrase “Thoughts Of Redemption,” and then stopped. Immediately I knew that this was the name for the blog, and the layers of that phrase began to stick out to me, and I knew God’s hand was in this.

This is known as the providence of God, and of course, the grace of God. There was an awareness of His presence with me and His guidance that led to the name of the blog that has been confirmed over the past three years. So with that said, I will go down memory lane, and shine a spotlight on some of my most memorable moments!

My First Blog Post: “Conspiracy Of Simplicity”


Wow, look at the way I used to do my covers Lol! This is still one of my favorite posts, I love the way I phrased it. Knowing what I know now, I would’ve made a different title, but it still works.

Logo Debut


On February 16th, I debuted my logo on social media and used it for the first time on a blog cover photo soon after. It was created by Aziz of Bezworks Design. The logo had simplicity and clarity, which was all on Aziz, once I told him the vibe I was going for. The grace of God is so real!

Series Debut: “Thoughts He Changed”


This is honestly the biggest accomplishment for my blog to me personally. The Lord laid on my heart early 2015 to start a movement/series where people would give a testimony of how God changed a specific thought or thought process in their life. Launched it by featuring nine specific people, and the content I received from them was amazing! From thoughts concerning purpose, to my own video on personality, it was incredible to hear from people. The motivation was to encourage people to think about how God is intimately involved in our thought life, and for people to be encouraged by the testimony of others. Recently I’ve made it more of an effort to feature specific people, but the testimonials on here have been greatly encouraging to me and many others.

Event Collaboration: “Sips Coffee + Thoughts Of Redemption”


Last but not least, I want to give a spotlight to an event that was conceived by NY Hip Hop artist Angie Rose! Sips Coffee is a hashtag that was started by her, and it morphed into a full-fledged event designed to encourage open and honest discussion, great vibes, and of course coffee. The discussion was curated by yours truly, and it concerned hypocrites and how we deal with them. Excited for the next one, and once it’s official, you will be notified.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to produce amazing content for all of you who read and support the blog. There are other moments that I can place here as well, but it’ll make this post too long! Thoughts Of Redemption is very important to me, and by the grace of God this is only the beginning!

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