Thoughts Of Redemption Update

TOR_updateSo I wanted to bring you guys a quick update with what’s going on with me and what’s coming up for Thoughts Of Redemption as a whole! I’ve been hard at work for new content, while also procrastinating at the same time, which is a constant battle for me as a creative. Can all my creatives testify? Yes. Yes, you can. Anyways, a few things:

  1. The series Thoughts He Changed has not been forgotten! This year I will release videos that feature believers from different areas of influence, from Hip Hop artists to bloggers and authors. Some you may know very well, others you will get to know.
  2. I’ve been contributing a lot of content to the website and I encourage you to take a look at my pieces, as well as all the other content available right HERE.
  3. While I’m in the process of putting those videos together, there is an extremely important video for Thoughts He Changed that will be released in under two weeks. I’m honored to feature actor, comedian, and mental health graduate Charletta Rozzell! Known for being on Church of Laugh, I was able to record her testimony about how God changed the way she thought concerning mental health and therapy. Set the date on your calendar, August 16th will be the day I publish the video! Which leads me to my 4th and final piece of news.
  4. Thoughts Of Redemption turns three on August 16th! minions_celebration

It’s been an incredible journey these past three years, and I want to celebrate what God has done, and you can celebrate as well! New posts will take you back to some of the highlights of my blogging experiences, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Until then, check out what happened while shooting the Thoughts He Changed video for Charletta. Let’s just say she had a lot of other thoughts on her mind LOL!

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