Natural Disasters and the Opportunity for Relief

disasterrelief_torThe past few weeks have been filled with heart-wrenching natural disasters around the world. The loss and destruction is far beyond what any of us can imagine, and as the hurricanes and earthquakes took place, I continued to pray and grieve over what occurred.

States like Houston and Florida, plus countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominica, and more have experienced unparalleled destruction. Not to mention there have been monsoons in Southeast Asia that haven’t received as much attention, yet resulted in a massive loss of life.

Even as I publish this post, there are friends of mine who are still trying to reach family in Puerto Rico, where it is estimated that power won’t return for months! It can almost make you feel helpless. Yet, there are ways you can serve those in need.

I listed financial resources in my post on financial freedom, and in this post I wanted to list organizations for you to donate to, that are involved in relief and rehabilitation efforts. Some are well known, others aren’t, yet all are on the ground and serving those in need right now. Please share this post and donate to whatever organization you’re led to give your finances too. Never stop praying for those affected as well, God continues to work through His church and others who are extending a hand towards those in need.

Relief Organizations

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