Thoughts He Changed: Depression


Hope you’ve been blessed and enjoying the videos from the past few Christian Hip Hop artists, as they express their heart and give their testimonies. This next video is from URL battle rapper and hip hop artist Th3 Saga, as he speaks of his change of thought concerning depression. URL is the premiere battle rap league, and Th3 Saga is the first Christian to be in the league and it’s main events! Search for his battles on YouTube, keep in mind that there’s heavy profanity from his opponent, but thank God for Saga being a light in darkness!

If you didn’t get to see the other video on mental health with my friend and mental health therapist Charletta Rozzell, click here. Hear Saga’s heart, and how the Lord helped him to overcome his depression below! Social media info, and his most recent song release is below.

Twitter: @th3saga
IG: @th3saga
FB: Th3 Saga

YouTube: Th3 Saga (Official)

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