Thoughts He Changed: Healing


On November 7th, 2007, Shakeya Britton was healed by Christ of cerebral palsy at Nyack College! Ten years later, she came back to Nyack, to explain what happened, as well as speak of the thoughts God changed for her concerning healing.

Healing is holistic, and God revealed how holistic it is in Shakeya’s life by healing her emotionally and mentally as well. Below you will find the entire video, as well as the video separated into four parts, since it’s over twenty minutes long. The links to each part can be accessed by clicking directly on the titles given below. Be encouraged as she shares her story!

About Shakeya:

Shakeya Britton is loved by Jesus! It is through His love that she is able to live out her calling as a connector, advocate, disciple and friend. Shakeya earned her B.S. in Social Work at Nyack College, and is currently pursuing a M.A. degree in Disabilites Studies. Shakeya uses her experiences and education as an advocate to train, teach and connect people, families, and communities with services in the area of disability. Shakeya’s mission is to open a retreat center for caregivers and helping professionals who serve vulnerable populations. Her book “Rise Up and Walk: A Journey to Healing, Restoration and Redemption” is set to release Fall 2018.


The Beginning: 0:00 – 9:18
The Healing: 9:19 – 16:31
The Pain and Darkness: 16:32 – 21:58
The Glory through the Mess: 21:59 – 24:55


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