Podcast – Episode 1: The Value of Emotional Intelligence

I’ve been asked every once in awhile if I’d ever do a podcast, and I always resisted it. My friends would tell me I really should get on podcasting, because I would be really good for it. I heard what they were saying, but honestly, I didn’t feel confident enough to start one. Plus I knew that I would have to give more time to producing one, and I didn’t have enough interest for me to take it seriously.

Then came Anchor! If you tuned into a podcast I was featured on awhile back, you’ve seen this app in action, but if you haven’t I’ll explain. Anchor is an app that makes podcasting easier, accessible, and mobile. Even then I was slow to adopt it, until recently when I checked out their most recent update. Also, along with others in my circle that use it, as well as Gary Vee’s mention of audio being the next frontier in technology to be tapped and expanded upon. Anchor has provided even more tools than when they first started, and I literally lost all the excuses I had to start one, so we’re here!

Welcome to the Thoughts Of Redemption podcast! On the first episode, I share my heart on emotional intelligence, and the value that our emotions have in our lives. Here it is below, along with the YouTube upload underneath it if you’d like it that way.

Episode 1: Emotional Intelligence

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