There’s True Value and Beauty in a Slow Bloomer

Growing up, we all experienced the distinction between the cool kids and those considered dweebs, geeks, nerds, and dorks. We’ve also grown up seeing the difference between girls and boys considered attractive versus those who weren’t. If we were to think back to our childhood, we can remember the exact kids who fit each of the categories I just mentioned. We even know exactly where we fit in.

Depending on where we fit in, our experiences in school and wherever else in life were influenced by those qualities or lack thereof. If you weren’t one of the cool kids, was quiet and different, or not attractive, you were the ones who faced bullying and other things.

I was one of those kids that grew up very shy. I wasn’t really outgoing, and wasn’t one that would stand up for myself, so I was bullied a few times in my childhood. Being skinny didn’t help things either, because I would feel smaller against my bullies.

As an adult, I’m still skinny 😂😂😂 but I’ve experienced how it feels to grow into my own person, and be comfortable with who I am. I didn’t realize it as much during my childhood and my youth, but as a man I can truly see how some of us come into our own when we’re young, while there are many of us that grow into it later on as adults.

Imagine if we cared more about how we treat some of us who may not grow in the same way as others? What if we helped kids understand that beauty shifts and changes over time in our lives, because it is dynamic instead of static? Like, some of us look like Angela Basset when we get older, and may not see it when we’re kids! For those of you who weren’t popular in school, I know you wish you had the insight that popularity can disappear overnight.

When we grow up and live our lives adulting, we end up finding our niches of enjoyment with like-minded people. I’ve seen trends that were once mocked being celebrated; whether it’s being an avid reader, comic book fan, avid techie, and much more.

I can speak for myself that as a grown man, I know the kinds of activities I find joy in, and I love that I have unique things that I like! Whether it’s video games, Christian Hip Hop, hip hop instrumentals, writing, museums, concerts, I’ve enjoyed them all. Or if they’re unique events like paint-and-sips, game nights, karaoke, etc., I’ve grown to enjoy things I never thought I would do.

You may be an introvert like myself, and don’t feel as comfortable with yourself, and the things you like. It’s possible that you may even have a hard time describing what you like to do, and seeing the qualities you like about yourself. I encourage you to enjoy who you are, to not worry about whether or not things in your life make sense. Take note of what you like to do, and those who God placed around you that add value to your life, and cherish them.

It may seem like others around you got it all together, or that they’re progressing in life faster than you. Marriages are happening, families are forming, careers are obtained, and relationships are thriving, and you feel like you’re behind. I’ve had those thoughts come to me too, very rarely, but it’s snuck up on me as well.

I plead with you, enjoy yourself and make it a daily practice to entrust your life to Jesus, as He continues to move in your life. You may see yourself blooming slower than others, but be amazed that you’re someone who blooms at all.

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