You Should Never Waste Your Mental Energy

Recently, I’ve really been thinking about and dealing with the way I process life mentally, and how to do it efficiently. Thoughts Of Redemption is all about the thought process, and one thing about our thinking that impacts us is how we organize our lives in a way that helps us think better. I’m not into using terms like energy when talking about non-physical realities, but in this case it fits when it comes to understanding the effort behind thinking through things.

I believe there’s such a thing as mental energy, and not in a mystical or spooky kind of sense, but in the sense that your mind has a limited amount of power to focus on things. God is the only one who never sleeps nor slumbers, and His knowledge is infinite. However, we ourselves are finite beings that are limited in the knowledge we possess. God is the only one that can give His complete focus to everything happening at the same time, and not forget or stumble on any of it. We on the other hand, we’ll attempt to mentally flip through the different things that require our attention and focus, then end up stumbling through it. When I say we I identify myself first because, you know, I continue to be a fallible human being and what not.

The one example that I visualize in my mind to help remind me of the importance of using my mental energy wisely is the side-by-side image of a messy and clean room. We all know what it’s like to live in a functional mess, where things are all over the place, yet you know where those things are. To those who were clean from the womb, congratulations, you made it.

A pile of books and papers
Here lies a mess. Hopefully not your mess.

In a functional mess, you’re able to find what you’re looking for, but when you actually clean your space you start to realize how much space you lost when you had your mess. When you organize everything, you start to realize you could bring more things into the room and still have more space than when your room was messy. You can even find things, instead of stressing like you actually do. Our minds work in the same way.

When we exert our mental energy towards something, the way our mindset is organized has a lot to do with how well we use that energy. Two of the most helpful ways of using your mental energy wisely is through great organization and time management, which I personally am still striving towards. You can also talk things out with others who love you and would encourage you in your growth. We all develop patterns of thinking over time, and it’s a process for us to think in a healthy way if we have picked up some bad habits.

Take care of your mental health by knowing where and how to think through things. This process is a lifelong process, because we go through so many stages of life, that we’ll always have to adjust and get used to. What do you think about your mental energy and how you use it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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