An Ode to the Deep Thinker

I wanted to try something different for this blog piece, so I wrote a poem. Yes, you read that right, a poem! This piece goes to every deep thinker out there, as I wanted to put into words the life that we experience. Take a read below, see if you see yourself in it!

“You speak more thoughts in your mind than words on your lips. Your brain is as the parent who walks with a confident stride while the mouth is the child taking little steps trying to keep a grip.

Growing up, you were the awkward one who struggled with small banter, yet could easily ruminate on the larger matters of life and how they work together.

Your thinking is expansive, encompassing a plethora of disciplines, and the fun is in connecting them together. There is joy in the process your mind takes to build up the thoughts in your mind into a systematic whole. Your thought life is a living twitter thread, that excites you as it unfolds.

However, sometimes you end up battling with your thoughts, because they don’t want to build things up, but take things down. Take you down. Take you round and round, where weariness ends up being your prize, and failure your portion. Sometimes you wish you could turn your thoughts off, because then you’d truly be free.

But then, you wouldn’t truly be. You. No, no, your thoughts won’t be a prison you can’t escape from, they will be the house that God surrounds, establishes, and fills with His presence. Oh deep thinker, your mind will not be your enemy, but it will be your greatest asset. You bear the image and reflection of God, who thinks and does it deeply, for His thoughts and understanding are infinite.

You will appreciate and become more aware of your way of thinking, and will be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Enjoy your thought life in the rest that God provides, for He will rule over it, instead of it ruling over you.”

God bless you!

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  1. I feel like your poetry is speaking to my soul because it’s definitely something that’s been on my heart lately: how do I organize my thoughts and what’s the best vehicle for expressing them? And how can I prevent myself from going too deep and avoid analysis paralysis? lol but there’s such a treasure in knowing that God cares so much about every bit of our being. All praises to Him! Nice poetry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your talent! God bless you!

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  2. Amen. This line hit me most:

    “Oh deep thinker, your mind will not be your enemy, but it will be your greatest asset.”

    It took me years (and sometimes, still takes me reminding myself) that what you said is TRUTH. Great perspective—thanks for looking out for us deep thinkers!

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