Women are Influential and Worthy of Honor

I want to dedicate a piece this month to women on behalf of Women’s History Month, because I know how much women tend to be undervalued for what they bring to humanity as a whole. So I genuinely desire to celebrate women and the dynamic they add to the collective humanity of man and woman, created in God’s image.

First off, I’m truly indebted to my mother for her love, care, strength, guidance, and many other things she has been to me as her son! I love her dearly. I’ve also been tremendously blessed by the friendships I have with women, for those friendships play a key part in displaying full manhood in my life. As a man, having solid men from my father, to my brothers, and leaders were a central part in my growth and development, but I would not have grown that way without women and their influence. The presence of women in my life has influenced my level of emotional intelligence, expanded my capacity to listen, increased my level of awareness, and much more!

To every woman reading this, I appreciate you! I love the way God ordained and purposed you to be as a woman. When God said that it was not good for man to be alone, He created woman to be with him. This isn’t a statement for married couples only, but God declared that the only way humanity could be fully human, woman had to be created out of man to be with man so that they go forth and build the planet together. Women were given dominion over all of creation as fellow rulers with man, and with that responsibility were divinely equipped by God to steward it fully. The leadership of man does not equal the subservience of women.

I want to list a few ways women have accomplished this dominion mandate throughout history with inventions and breakthroughs they made:

  1. Three Black women, named Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson played an important part as living computers to get humanity to the moon.
  2. Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher back in 1887.
  3. Jane C. Wright transformed medicine when she pioneered the use of chemotherapy through the use of the drug methotrexate to treat breast cancer.
  4. Back in the late 4th century, Hypatia of Alexandria invented the hydrometer, a tool used to measure the density of liquids

This is a short list of the ways women have impacted our world, and as I researched some of these inventions I learned things I didn’t know before. But the impact that women have through their God-given identity goes beyond inventions.

Woman are the original influencers, before social media came along and the term social media influencer was coined! There’s immense power in their ability to influence and create change through suggestions alone. It not only happens through suggestion though, women have the ability to build things from nothing just like men do. They have a strength that is unparalleled and unmatched, and men need those unique set of eyes in order to accomplish the progress that we need before us.

I also value a woman’s unique display of sensitivity and awareness. Sensitivity is not a feminine trait, for God has called us all to a life of sensitivity, but your presence in a man’s life is a positive influence in the areas of sensitivity and awareness. I’m not referring to how women are viewed as too emotional, or any other faux stereotype that’s unfairly placed on them. Women were created to express themselves just like men are with their unique makeup. The sensitivity I’m referring to is how you help men steward their responsibility to love well, and one of the most important ways to do that is to be sensitive and aware of others.

For example, I’ve spoken of the value of a sensitive heart last year through a video I produced for YouTube and social media, I’ll put it below. Yet this year, someone dear to me explained that I need to be more aware of how my words come off to others. She had the sensitivity towards perception that I didn’t have, and it really helped me to be more sensitive to those things. So when I say that I value a woman’s sensitivity and awareness, it’s genuinely helped me personally!

Thoughts Of Redemption YouTube

To end, I’ll say that women’s history is human history. There’s much more that can be said about how much value women contribute to society. Even in the midst of oppression, discrimination, and demonic doctrines towards women throughout history, God empowers women to be who He purposed them to be.

I thank God for the beauty, grace, wisdom, strength, light, and honor He bestowed upon women. There’s a dynamic to humanity that would not exist if it weren’t for women. The world would not be the same without you.

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