A Reflection on Mental Health and Manhood with Pervis Taylor

I’m not sure if you notice this, but much of the conversation and work surrounding mental health has been accomplished by women. As I’ve talked about mental health on this platform, I too have mainly featured thought perspectives from women in the mental health field.

Now I’m happy to present to you a good brother of mine, who facilitates a connection to mental health as a life coach, Pervis Taylor! Pervis is a celebrity life coach, who recently released his book Surthrival Mode, where he lays out the process he developed in order to help us go beyond surviving, to thriving. His heart is drawn towards men, whether it’s from his personal experiences he’s been through, or his passion that’s developed through the coaching he’s done.

I spent some time with Pervis as he gave his thoughts on mental health, and in addition, spoke to the disparity of men in the mental health field and men taking care of their mental health. Take a look at the video below, and purchase his book by clicking on the image or link below!

A Reflection on Mental Health and Manhood with Pervis Taylor | Thoughts Of Redemption

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